Monday, April 13, 2009

Rezen HOW I PLEAD video shoot

It was a cold, rainy and miserable Saturday for April, and I found myself at an abandoned mental hospital in Staten Island. Carlos Molina and I were there to shoot our next music video, HOW I PLEAD, by hip-hop artist Rezen.
Shooting the video at this location made us feel like we were IN a horror movie, rather than shooting a video based on one. Rain leaked from the roof, odd sounds came from other floors, and we never knew what we would find in each new unexplored room, but Rezen kept his energy up and we filmed what we think will be an interesting video.
Thanks to Kara Criscitiello for suffering through it with us and to Zach Kalatsky for helping.
Watch for the video here in a few weeks.





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Semi Permanent Make Up said...

I can feel that you have put in hard efforts. Good job!!