Monday, April 14, 2014



Okay, now that the good news is out of the way, let's move on because there are still 2 days to go in the campaign - AND, I'm told I'm not out of the woods quite yet.  Apparently people will sometimes cancel or decrees their pledge at the last minute, which would be disastrous. 


STRETCH GOAL #1: If we get to 18K everyone with a physical pledge (not digital) will get a free limits edition print of artist Tony Wolf's ADVENTURE COMICS / THE LEAGUE OF EX-GIRLFRIENDS SCHMUCK PARODY COVER, printed on heavy stock watercolor paper. 

STRETCH GOAL #2: If we get to 20k everyone will get a free copy of the limited edition SCHMUCK DIARIES (downloads for people who ordered digital). It will be a small lit mag type book, featuring essays by me that act as companions to the comics in the book. It will be designed by Eric Skillman (who's designing the graphic novel) and feature original illustrations by Pierce Hargan (who's drawn one of the comics). 

STRETCH GOAL #3: If we get to 22.5k I will add pages to the book and include a new story, (maybe more than one!) contents and artist TBA. 

I sit here quarantined in my bedroom, where I've been since Thursday. I have a combination of flu and bronchitis and it's the worst I've ever felt. My doctor ordered lots of meds and REST.  No work, he said. With 103.4 fever and what felt like a Mini Cooper parked on my chest, I was in no position to argue. My first thought was my kickstarter would probably fail without me behind the steering wheel. I spent most of Friday in fever induced sleep and when I came out of it on that night I reached for my iPad, and I was humbled and outright touched by all the social media posts about SCHMUCK by friends, family and complete strangers. I was out of commission, but you all kept it going. And, the backers came rolling in. That's support. That's community. That's crowdfunding. 

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting and believing in my schmucky project and in me.  This SCHMUCK feel very fortunate. 

Support the kickstarter here:

Above art by James Smith from SCHMUCK

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Check out this great piece of art by Tony Wolf, which is an homage to Adventure Comics #247.  Tony generously donated his talent to the book.

There's been a bunch more press this week, including:

CBS MAN CAVE ran an exert from the book:

COMICS BULLETIN did a nice interview along with this great intro:
"The world (I include comics) needs truth-tellers like Seth Kushner, artists who are willing to be their own WikiLeaks and admit their faults, foibles and fuck-ups. Somebody's got to do it, glad it ain't me.
Kushner (apparently) has no shame. He seems like a bit of a (over) sharer and let's not forget, honest. So he's ready to admit to the world: he's a SCHMUCK or was, he got better. SCHMUCK is a 168-page trade paperback of one schmuck's awkward, embarrassing and far too relatable quest to find love and evolve as an artist and as a man. As part of (I'm sure) some multi-step process Kushner has written everything down and found twenty-two cartoonists to share in this best-drowned-with-whiskey part of his life; if it were so easy.
To get his SCHMUCK on wheels -- that's a Goodfellas reference, every intro needs at least one -- Kushner needs schmucks (reformed, at-large and women) to help him out and back his Kickstarter. Kushner is more than a schmuck, far from it. He's a guy who wants to make a comic and realize a dream of telling his story, our story and to make the world (again, comics!) safe for (former) schmucks"
WE THE NERDY - interview

COMICBOOK.COM - interview

BOING BOING - Kickstarter review