Tuesday, October 11, 2011



My shoot with DC Comics Co-Publisher (with Jim Lee) Dan Didio was a classic situation of making something happen in spite of having almost no time. This past spring, Chris Irving and I were finalizing subjects for and it occurred to us we had too many subjects telling the Marvel Comics side of the equation and not enough representing DC Comics. A bunch of calls and emails later and we were granted a short window of 30-minutes with Dan to do the shoot and interview.

When we arrived, we were informed that our time needed to be cut to just 20-minutes, since Dan had an important meeting. There seemed to be something top secret brewing at DC's offices and we almost saw something on the wall of Dan's office before we were quickly ushered out. I now believe it was all about DC's New 52 publishing plan, which had yet to be announced at that time.

We sat in the reception area, under a life-sized statue of Superman, as Dan answered Chris's questions at light speed. I knew my only options for the shoot would be to do something with the statue and/or the Metropolis mural by the elevator bank.


As the interview was winding down, the publicist asked me if I was getting what I needed. I told him the interview seemed to be going great. No, he meant the photos. Photos? I hadn't taken any yet! He had assumed I would shoot while the interview was being conducted, but I don't work that way--I needed a posed photo. Well, we were out of time, I was told.

Please, just give me three minutes. I can make it happen in three minutes.

I shot 17 frames in those three minutes utilizing the two spots in the reception area. A version of the one with Superman will be used in the book. I like how The Man of Steel becomes a design element to frame Dan and perhaps comment.

It was definitely one of my faster shoots, but thankfully my career shooting celebrity-types has prepared me well for situations such as these.

See the Dan Didio featuring my photos, Chris's interview-based essay and art from his comics work here.