Friday, January 4, 2008

The Brooklynites

Thanks to everyone who supported The Brooklynites last year. Having people actually purchase our book has been an incredible thrill for Anthony and me.

For whoever hasn't already seen it, check out Miana Grafals's very cool behind-the-scenes film-

Happy New Year!

Truthfully, I've always been a guy who's made fun of "Bloggers." But, it's a new year and I'm looking to try new things. The notion here is to create a forum for me to show the newest pieces I'm working on. I do update my main site fairly regularly, but here I can post my newest work informally. Coming off the success of my book, The Brooklynites, I'm going to be embarking on new projects this year and it would be greatly helpful to be able to get feedback instantly.

For now, I'd like to share a portrait I recently shot for my good friend Sami over at YRB Magazine. It's of Paul Budnitz, the creator of Kid Robot, one of my favorite stores in Soho. I love the vinyl doll trend and only wish I could afford to collect them more extensively.