Monday, February 13, 2012

SCHMUCK Episode 2: The Burning at TRIP CITY

Last month's episode of my semi-autobio comix neurotica SCHMUCK , "Beers, Babes and Bowel Movements" (art by Kevin Colden) was originally planned as the prologue to a 200-page graphic novel, but that never happened. I've lived with those pages for over two years and as much as I tried moving on to writing other projects, SCHMUCK was the story I had to tell. Which is why I've now returned to it and I'm posting a new comix installment (and a new prose piece) every month.

Today sees the release of the first all-new SCHMUCK comic, titled "The Burning." It picks up right where the last one left off and It's a painful tale for our "hero" Adam Kessler, both emotionally and physically, as he attempts to move on from his recent heartbreak, but discovers his "ritual" must involve an actual scalding torture.

Each episode will feature a different artist and "The Burning" is drawn by the talented Bobby Timony, whose work you might know from The Night Owls. Bobby's clean lines, clear storytelling and subtle characterizations were perfect for this particular story.

Read SCHMUCK Episode 2: The Burning at TRIP CITY now.

Bobby Timony is the artist and co-creator of the popular comic strip "The Night Owls", published by DC Comics. He has been nominated for multiple Harvey Awards, including Best New Series, Best Online Series, and Best new talent as well as a Lulu nomination for Best Female Character, a Cybil Award nomination for best Young Adult Graphic Novel and is a bona fide "No Prize" recipient. He is an active member of the National Cartoonist's Society and lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two bunnies.