Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Check out this great piece of art by Tony Wolf, which is an homage to Adventure Comics #247.  Tony generously donated his talent to the book.

There's been a bunch more press this week, including:

CBS MAN CAVE ran an exert from the book:

COMICS BULLETIN did a nice interview along with this great intro:
"The world (I include comics) needs truth-tellers like Seth Kushner, artists who are willing to be their own WikiLeaks and admit their faults, foibles and fuck-ups. Somebody's got to do it, glad it ain't me.
Kushner (apparently) has no shame. He seems like a bit of a (over) sharer and let's not forget, honest. So he's ready to admit to the world: he's a SCHMUCK or was, he got better. SCHMUCK is a 168-page trade paperback of one schmuck's awkward, embarrassing and far too relatable quest to find love and evolve as an artist and as a man. As part of (I'm sure) some multi-step process Kushner has written everything down and found twenty-two cartoonists to share in this best-drowned-with-whiskey part of his life; if it were so easy.
To get his SCHMUCK on wheels -- that's a Goodfellas reference, every intro needs at least one -- Kushner needs schmucks (reformed, at-large and women) to help him out and back his Kickstarter. Kushner is more than a schmuck, far from it. He's a guy who wants to make a comic and realize a dream of telling his story, our story and to make the world (again, comics!) safe for (former) schmucks"
WE THE NERDY - interview

COMICBOOK.COM - interview

BOING BOING - Kickstarter review

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