Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HOW I PLEAD by Rezen

I'm proud to present the latest music video directed by me and Carlos Molina-


Performed by Rezen
My House Musiq
Video Directed by Seth Kushner
and Carlos Molina

For those who have been asking for the revival of the REAL Hip-Hop artist, they most certainly got their wish with Brooklyn's new gunner, Rezen (pronounced Reason).

At Twenty-seven years old, Rezen feels that time is everything and with his new video it’s evident that's exactly his mindset. Rezen, a completely self-sufficient independent artist, records and mixes in-house with no outside assistance. It’s this autonomy that gives him his edge and musical prowess. In HOW I PLEAD, his debut video, he offers a lyrical and visual pitch towards Eminem, founder of Shady Records and Dr. Dre, founder of Aftermath Entertainment.

“My vision was to show a driven artist rushing through the gate. I challenge any artist to show they can distribute better than this. If I had to label this project I would say this video is the first Hip-Hop Thriller. I smashed this one out the yard and the directing of Seth Kushner and Carlos Molina helped me push it to the bleachers. Collectively, we gave a blueprint on how to get signed. We had a Dope director, Dope editor, and a Dope lyricist. With all that running on the same engine, this collaboration can never fail. This is the realest vision I could portray. This is not my prediction, it’s my prophecy. Special Thanks to Kara Criscitiello and Zach Kalatsky awesome job!!”

Rezen describes himself as a Hip-Hop artist from a fans view. In his adolescent years a career in music was never his goal. If asked as a child where he would be in the future, he would have named a totally different competitive field - the NFL. When asked why his initial dream expired he stated, "I didn't try hard enough, and since then I vowed to never go less than one-twenty. Reaching now for stardom, I will definitely do everything in my power to make it happen, because for me, it's not beyond REASON!”

HOW I PLEAD is the latest music video collaboration by the directing team of Kushner+Molina. Seth Kushner (www.sethkushner.com) is an award-winning photographer whose work has been featured in many publications and in exhibitions around the world. His first book The Brooklynites was published by powerHouse Books in 2007. He directed his first music video, GET IT TOGETHER by recording artist Maya Azucena, earlier this year.

For his second directorial effort, JOHN HUGHES by Q*Ball, Kushner teamed with photographer/filmmaker Carlos Molina, under the banner of Culture Pop Productions (www.culturepopproductions.com). The team then produced and directed their first interview-based documentary, on artist/comic book creator, Paul Pope.

For their third collaboration, Kushner and Molina have collaborated with artist Rezen to create a rap video using the conventions of the horror/thriller film genre to create an original piece sure to send chills up the spines of viewers.

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Madeline said...

I love it - a job well done!