Monday, April 21, 2008


I spent the entire weekend at the NY Comic-Con, and aside from shooting B-roll for the NYC Graphic Novelist project, I (with Martin's help) managed to create a new series which I'm calling "Fandom." I've long been fascinated by the fans who attend cons in elaborate, home-made costumes and I've finally taken the time to explore it.

Check out a sampling below and to see the entire series, please click HERE.


dernjg said...

The characters labeled "Lanterns" are actually aliens from the cartoon Ben 10 (or Ben 10 himself).

SiFraser said...

I really like that you've given them an eerie dignity. This is how they want to be seen, not the usual mockery that the Cosplayers get.
Good job.

~Jules said...

Hey Seth~
This is the "Black Cat" you shot for your "Fandom" project. These photos are absolutely gorgeous. You made us look like our heroes. Thank you.