Saturday, June 9, 2012


Yesterday saw the release of the first issue of Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray & Steve Niles's new comics anthology CREATOR-OWNED HEROES.  The 46-page book (a bargain for only $4) features the super cool new comics TRIGGERGIRL 6  by Palmiotti & Gray, with art by Phil Noto, and AMERICAN MUSCLE by Niles, with art by Kevin Mellon.  Plus, the there's toms of magazine-style back matter featuring an  interview with Neil Gaiman, a sexy cosplay feature, words from the creators,  and a full page feature on ME, focusing on LEAPING TALL BUILDINGS, CulturePOP, TRIP CITY and SCHMUCK.

Though distributed by Image Comics, the book is self-financed.  "What we have been doing for the past few years is is putting aside money that we make off our regular work and every once in a while get enough saved so we could publish something new that we would own the rights to", says Palmiotti in his welcome page.

In this day and age of corporate ownership of properties, it's great to see creators taking a chance to put out their own works.  This is an important and inspiring project to support.

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