Monday, June 28, 2010

Preview of GNYC's Dean Haspiel book


I'm very excited to announce that Graphic NYC, the brand I helped create, is releasing it's first book - Graphic NYC Presents: Dean Haspiel the Early Years.
It will be an interesting package, merging Christopher Irving's essays with Dean's early comics work, along with family photos, tributes from other artists, photos from Ryan Roman, and some interesting photographic contributions from me, like to one above.

Graphic NYC Presents: Dean Haspiel the Early Years gives the low-down on the revolutionary indy artist, from his salad days working for Howard Chaykin on American Flagg! to his digital days spearheading the ACT-I-VATE web-collective. The creators of GNYC bring you Dino's early Billy Dogma and semi-autobio comics presented against the framework of Chris Irving's new comics journalism and Seth Kushner and Ryan Roman's photography.

This trade features a never-before seen Billy Dogma story, artwork, and home pictures. Enjoy 240 pages of Dino's unique "two-fisted aggro-moxie" in this eye-opening experience with an 8-page color section that makes its October premiere at New York Comicon from Desperado/IDW.

Please pre-order the book at your local comix shop: Diamond code JUL10 0363

An 8-page preview of the book can be seen over at ACT-I-VATE.

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