Monday, June 14, 2010

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This week's edition, Jennie Fiske: Ukulele Dreams, tells the story of a woman who dreamed of being a musician and recently made that dream a reality playing a most esoteric instrument, and wearing green flippers.
See it HERE.
Thanks to Joe Infurnari and Dean Haspiel for recommending Jennie Fiske as a subject.
One of the greatest things about doing what I do, is how each experience and subject is a learning experience. Interesting, only two weeks after meeting Jennie, I had the opportunity to discuss the ukulele on a different photoshoot, and I came off as a near authority! Can't make these things up.

Please come back next week for the penultimate edition of what I'm referring to as "season-1" of CP, when you'll learn of a woman's relationship with a bridge.

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