Sunday, November 15, 2009

Reviews for The ACT-I-VATE Experience

The ACT-I-VATE Experience, a film by myself and Carlos Molina on the ACT-I-VATE webcomics collective, had it's fourth and final screening last Friday night at Quimby Con in Chicago. It debuted at the Baltimore Comic Con last month, then screened at SPX in San Francisco, and at King Con Brooklyn last week.
The 32-minute "promo-mentary" will debut online at on Thanksgiving day.

Reviews have been good-

Jim Gibbons of Comic Book Resources says-
"Though the film is admittedly a promotional tool for ACT-I-VATE, the interviews it features are chock-full of thought-provoking sentiments and information that fans of webcomics or comic readers that haven't given webcomics a shot should find interesting."
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Matthew J. Brady of Indie Pulp says-
Overall, it's a great watch, full of excitement about the possibilities of comics and enough glimpses of great art to make anyone interested in checking out the huge variety of work on the site, all available to read for free. The documentary should be available to watch online soon, so be sure to watch for it and give it a look.
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