Monday, November 9, 2009

Graphic Novelists - Day 55 (and project update)

GRAPHIC NYC has recently gone through a big change in it's mission statement. Originally, the goal was to photographically capture (with interviews by Cris) the top comic book creators in NYC, the birthplace of comics. Now, we've gotten even more ambitious - we'll be covering the top creators in the whole United States. This, of course, expands the project a great deal. Eventually, once the book sells, we'll be doing some traveling, for now, we'll be catching up with folks when they're in town, as we did recently with Brain Michael Bendis, Mike Allred, and Most recently, David Mack.

David's innovative work in his creator owned Kabuki and Marvel's Daredevil pushes the boundaries of what is expected in comic book art and storytelling. David employs a mixed-media approach to his work, creating a unique narrative approach which often feels more like poetry than comics.
For the photo, I was looking to create a Japanese vibe, in keeping with David's work in Kabuki. Several locations in Manhattan's East Village helped with creating that feel.



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