Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Graphic Novelists - Day 53

Friday afternoon, I left the Big Apple Comic Con and all of the forgotten celebs I was shooting (post coming soon) to meet up with my GRAPHIC NYC partner, Chris Irving and comics creator Brian Michael Bendis. We met in front of the Flatiron Building, the building that houses the Marvel Universe's Daily Bugle in the Spider-Man films.
I've been a huge fan of Bendis since his indie days when he was doing books like Jinx and Torso. Then, he moved into the Marvel Universe, and for me, (and I'm sure many) he brought a new sense of realism and originality. He also brought along what naysayers call "decompressed storytelling," but what I like to instead call "long form" storytelling, where the stories are allowed time to play out. That, along with his snappy Mamet-like dialogue and fresh takes on old ideas, have infused excitement into books like Ultimate Spiderman, Daredevil, Alias, New Avengers, and many others.
As for the photo, I'm sure you can see that Brian really brought it.


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Simon Fraser said...

Good to see someone who enjoys his work.