Thursday, January 15, 2009

Graphic NYC compliments

Jimmy Palmiotti wrote some incredibly kind works about me on his blog over at Newsarama-

I thank God Amanda thinks I am attractive, but honestly I don’t feel like a prince away from her, but I got to hand it to a photographer friend of mine named Seth Kushner. Check out his work and the cool photos he has taken of a lot of the N.Y. area creators. The man is brilliant at his craft and a super nice guy. Seth has a skill that I think people seem to take for granted these days and it’s on display on his NYC GRAPHIC blog site.

Go take a look here.

See Paul Pope taking it easy at a burlesque show, marvel at Howard Chaykin’s stern expression… and enjoy a well-written blog by Christopher Irving.

Further embarrassing me are Mike Dawson's complimentary thoughts on his blog-

An interview up on The Pulse with Seth Kushner about the photo book he’s been putting together, Graphic NYC. This is a book of photos and essays about New York based cartoonists. I’m included, and the image of me is up in The Pulse interview.

I don’t think I’ve posted this before, so apologies if I have. Seth came over to the apartment to shoot this pic over the Summer, right around the time The Baby was getting ready to arrive, so my memory is foggy. Initially I was hesitant to ham it up for the camera as much as I am in the photo, because, well, that’s my personality. But, like a true photographer of models, Seth was able to coax some energy out of me, and get me to "work it" for the camera.

I think all of the pics that Seth has for this book look amazing, and I am really hopeful that he’ll find a great publisher for it soon.

Thanks, guys!

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