Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Graphic NYC site launches today

I spent the holidays working with my collaborator, writer Christopher Irving readying the website for our project, GRAPHIC NYC, for launch today (see below). We've been working on this project for nearly a year, and now we are ready to share it.

Please pass along to anyone you think might be interested, and check back often, as we'll be updating regularly.


Graphic NYC site launches today

This Tuesday, January 6th, photographer Seth Kushner (The Brooklynites) and comic book journalist/historian Christopher Irving (Comic Book Artist Magazine Associate Editor) join forces to introduce a new brand of comics journalism, with www.NycGraphicNovelists.com.
The site is a preview of the work that Seth and Christopher are doing for Graphic NYC, their photo-essay book that combines Seth’s photos with Christopher’s in-depth interview based essays on New York cartoonists.
“I consider Graphic NYC, the upcoming book project that www.NycGraphicNovelists.com is based off of, to be a kind of ‘New Comics Journalism’, combining New Journalism with comics history, and Seth’s lush photography. I’ve been ready to bring a little something new to comics journalism for a while, and this is it.”
Graphic NYC not only features conceptual photographs of comic book auteurs in their favorite and symbolic environments, but it also paints a narrative picture through essays that employ on-the-spot interviews and a critical view of their most personal work. Like a graphic novel, it employs the marriage of words and images to tell a story; in this case, it is the story of New York’s position in the development and life of comic books.
Previous attempts at chronicling comic book artists have either been too general, showing the artist behind their drawing table and accompanied by a brief biography, or so academic that they turn off potential casual readers. Graphic NYC offers an insider’s view of the comic book industry in New York (both past and present), but is presented in an accessible and general enough manner for that casual reader, yet savvy enough for the long-time comic book fan to appreciate.
The first subjects introduced in the site’s launch are the legendary Howard Chaykin of American Flagg! fame, and emerging star Dash Shaw, of the highly acclaimed graphic novel The Bottomless Belly Button. Following will be photo-essays on Dondi creator Irwin Hasen, Billy Dogma’s Dean Haspiel, Dan Goldman of the upcoming ‘08 graphic novel, Mad Magazine’s Al Jaffee, Battling Boy’s Paul Pope, and other comics luminaries. Updated on a regular basis, along with reviews and commentaries of work by other NYC cartoonists, www.NycGraphicNovelists.com promises to serve as a Who‘s Who of New York‘s favorite cartoonists.
But www.NycGraphicNovelists.com doesn’t give it all away at once, notes Irving. The essays presented are not published in their entirety: that won’t happen until the book version of Graphic NYC hits bookstores.
“It’s only a matter of time,” Irving notes. “Until we find the perfect publisher for what Seth and I consider our dream project. But, for now, we‘re enjoying the total freedom of putting it online for everyone to sink their teeth into.

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william wray said...

makes me wish I never left NY. Nice to see old friends and not old friends ;-)

NIce work--- Glad your doing it.