Monday, April 25, 2011

CulturePOP Photocomix - LIVE READING



CulturePOP Photocomix broke the fourth wall last night with a live reading at the KGB Bar, as part of the Tom Hart's Sequential Artists Workshop's Annual Fundraiser Reading & Benefit.

Designer John D'Aponte read my profile on him, The Family 'Stache ( and Jennie Fiske (AKA-Plucky Charms) read her profile, Ukulele Dreams (

There was a tremendous turnout for a rainy Easter Sunday, so much so both the theater and the bar had to be utilized. The night went long, and organizer Tom Hart dashed around like a mad man coordinating, but folks seemed to be in good spirits.

Lots of great cartoonists will be read their work as well, including: Dean Haspiel and Daniel J Kramer, John Kerschbaum, Lizz Hickey, Josh Bayer, Domitille Collardey, Leela Corman, Sam Henderson, Leslie Stein, Martha Keavney, Stephanie Mannheim.

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Hutch said...

You guys were troopers and made that event happen. Seth- your pages looked lovely that large, and John and Jennie were great readers. And that uke song! So great.

Thanks again thank you thank you