Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CulturePOP Photocomix: Tim Hall


Happy New Year to all!

Today marks the first new installment of CulturePOP Photocomix Profiles of Real-Life Characters of 2011. This week, I profile writer/author Tim Hall.

Tim is the author of the novels, Half Empty and Full of It, two short story collections, Triumph of the Womb and One Damn Thing After Another, and non-fiction essay collection, How America Died. Additionally, Uplift The Positivicals, a freeform column of stories rendered as text images can be seen on Recently, Tim launched, "a collaborative and curated site where writers can build their own audiences."

With this series, I very much appreciate when the subject wants to be involved to the point where they’re a collaborator. As per my usual process, I met with Tim before our shoot and recorded an interview, then later transcribed and sent it to him to edit. Tim’s a great writer, so what I received back was a whole new piece which was heads and tails better than the original, with perfect beats and a narrative thread which had the whole piece working in a way I never expected. I was thrilled.

In the Photocomix 'Exile,' Tim reminisces on growing up in NYC, running the bar newspaper The Hangover in the 90's, family alcoholism, leaving NYC and his desire to return.

See it here -

Comments welcome and appreciated, as always. Hope you enjoy it!

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