Monday, October 4, 2010

CUBA: My Revolution


CUBA: My Revolution by Inverna Lockpez (above) & Dean Haspiel (below) is a new graphic novel from DC/Vertigo Comics. It's the true story of Lockpez's experiences as a medical student and artist in Cuba during the early 1960s when Castro came into power.

I went to an exhibition and artist's talk this past weekend and reported on it at GRAPHIC NYC.

The work will be on display at the Kentler International Drawing Space until December 12.

Inspired by the book, I really wanted to shoot a portrait of Inverna, one which might reveal some of what she went through in her life. Happily, the gallery made several very large-scale prints of Dean's work from the book, which made a perfect, graphic and bold background for my shot.

The photo of Dean, with his work, is a fine addition, I think, to what is now a large collection of portrait collaborations we've done together.


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