Thursday, July 17, 2008

Graphic Novelists - Day 24

After returning Monday night from five days in San Diego on a bachelor party trip, I woke up exhausted but excited the next morning, because I had a shoot scheduled with Paul Pope.
Paul had the very cool idea to do the shoot at the Slipper Room and have his girlfriend and subject, Harvest Moon performing in the background.
Check out Paul's wonderful coffee table book, Pulp Hope, and follow up your viewing of The Dark Knight with Batman: Year One Hundred. Also, Heavy Liquid is coming back into print this fall.


Thanks to Veronica for taking the behind-the-scenes photos. Great job!

I'd aso like to take this opportunity to officially welcome aboard Christoper Irving (right) to the project. Chris will be writing all the text for the book. His work has been published in Comic Book Artist Magazine, and in his books, The Blue Beetle: His Many Lives from 1939 to Today, and Comics Introspective: Peter Bagge.We've been talking for months, but we didn't meet until right before the Pope shoot. Chris lives in Virginia, but was in town to conduct a bunch of interviews for the book.

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Tim Hamilton said...

Great shot. Great idea!