Tuesday, August 14, 2012

CulturePOP Photocomix: STOYA

My web series CulturePOP Photocomix is back with new episodes at TripCity.net, the Brooklyn-filtered literary arts salon.

This all-new episode profiles pornstar STOYA.  The profile, titled "No Secrets" focuses on Stoya's use of social media to dispel myths about pornography and women's body image, her philosophy on working in porn and much more.  On all topics, Stoya is brutally honest.

See it here - STOYA: NO SECRETS

As an added bonus, be sure to listen to my candid 30-minute audio interview with Stoya, embedded below the profile.

Also, please view remastered versions of all 31 episodes of CulturePOP, including recent installments; JONATHAN AMES: BROOKLYN PHALLACY, MARK MARON: FUNNY FOR HAPPY,  MOBY: MOVING ON,  JAMES HASPIEL: THE ONE AND ONLY and CHUCK KLOSTERMAN: WRITING WITH YOUR MIND at TRIP CITY.


Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, what is the font you use for your amazing Photocomix?

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