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SCHMUCK Episode 3: The Hook-Up at

Chapter One of SCHMUCK , Beers, Babes and Bowel Movements (art by Kevin Colden) was designed to introduce readers to Adam Kessler and his situation. We learn of his recent break-up and how he is handling it. Last months's Chapter Two, The Burning (art by Bobby Timony) had Adam dealing with the loss of his girlfriend and enduring the "ritual burning of the flesh" as he has the last remnants of his lost love literally burned off his body. By the conclusion, he's ready to move on with his life.

In SCHMUCK Episode 3: The Hook-Up, Adam takes his first steps re-entering the dating world, with a "hook-up" at a Madonna-themed party. The results of which will be comically tragic.

Each episode will feature a different artist and “The Hook-Up” is drawn by Sean Pryor. I was first introduced to Sean several years back by mutual friend Jeff Newelt, who was Sean's editor at SMITH Mag's The Pekar Project. I was immediately impressed with Sean's sensibility and storytelling, and he was the very first artist I though of when I decided to make SCHMUCK an anthology.

Since Sean worked with the great Harvey Pekar, I knew he'd have no trouble drawing autobio materia. Opening the email containing Sean's final pages felt like Christmas morning, and I'm Jewish! I loved how he visually translated my script, adding flourishes of his own aesthetic to mine. Also, Sean obviously had a ball drawing all kinds of details and characters in the backgrounds of the Madonna party.

One of the best parts of working on this series have been the collaborations with the artists and seeing how each brings their own vibe to my schmucky tales. Look for artist Shamus Beyale's work next month.

Read SCHMUCK Episode 3: The Hook-Up at TRIP CITY now.

Sean Pryor is a cartoonist/illustrator and a School of Visual Arts graduate. Pryor has contributed numerous illustrations to magazines including Revolver, Royal Flush, and Wet Feet, as well as several comic stories for Harvey Pekar’s webcomic series The Pekar Project. To find out more about Pryor’s endeavors visit

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