Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A SCHMUCKY preview

I often post about my various projects here, but there is one which I have remained mum on - until now. Working with and befriending all of the amazing comic book creators on my GRAPHIC NYC project has encouraged me to pursue my life-long dream of creating my own comics work. For several years, I've been writing a manuscript called SCHMUCK, and that is the title of my proposed 200-page graphic novel. It's a very personal story for me. It's based upon a period of my own life when I was dumped by my girlfriend and went on a personal journey of blind dates, Internet connections, break-ups, etc., all in hopes of finding the then abstract concept of my one true love. Along the way, I endured many painful, comical, tragic and comically tragic situations, and it's those on which the book will mainly focus. Though it falls under the category of "memoir," the names have been changes to protect the innocent, and the guilty.

While SCHMUCK tells a universal and relatable story, I feel it is told from a fresh perspective through both my words and the visuals of the wonderful artist who will be illustrating my tale - Kevin Coldon. Kevin won a Xeric award for his acclaimed webcomic Fishtown, which was released as a graphic novel by IDW Publishing in November 2008 and has been nominated for an Eisner Award. Kevin's sensibility, style and ability to tell a story in a way that feels both fresh and natural make him the ideal collaborator.


Adding to the uniqueness of the package, I will be weaving flashback sequences throughout the narrative which will done photographically in a fumetti style, blurring the lines between art and reality, fact and fiction. Since the main character is a photographer, it only makes sense to have portions of the story illustrated photographically.

At the moment, Kevin and I have 23 completed pages. It is those pages which our agent is current pitching around. It is our hope that we will find the right publisher to take on our project and then we will embark on finishing the rest of the book.
Here is a preview of some of the work-

A detail of a page that shows a transition between Kevin's illustration and my photography.

An example of how Kevin breaks up a panel to create a design that helps the story to flow. Also, Kevin managed to draw the characters based upon my friends amazingly accurate from my written descriptions only.

Kevin uses text creatively to draw the reader's eye across the page.

Thanks to Renee and Greg for acting out scenes based on moments from my schmucky past. It's an odd experience for me as a photographer/storyteller to recreate these moments.

A panel from the first page and one of my favorites from the project so far. I love the detail and dynamic angel.

It feels great to finally share this. I hope Kevin and I will have the opportunity to finish the story and that it will one day be available for purchase at finer comic and book stores. That's all for now.


Caits Meissner said...

Seth, this looks freakin' awesome! Best of luck!!!

Chatterbox said...

Seth and Kevin - looks great! Very cool.

-Jim D.

Team Emily said...

This looks awesome! Can't wait to see more!

Loi An Le said...

The fumetti style brings to mind a period in art called Realism. Paint and early photography seemed to blend well together. The French style tromp l'eol is another very realistic approach. Life and art have always intertwined in my view.