Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Graphic Novelists - Day 41

It's been a while since I posted a new subject from this project, and I've been sitting on this one for some time. I met up with Evan Dorkin on a rainy Sunday at Comic Book Jones on Staten Island. Those familiar with Evan's work probably know of his public disdain for BAD comic book stores, and coupled with the fact that he has worked in comic stores, made his choice of location interesting. Evan would like it known that he has nothing but love for this particular store though.
Some essential Evan Dorkin reads - Dork: Who's Laughing Now?, Fun With Milk & Cheese, and Hectic Planet, Volume One: Dim Future.
I eagerly await his new series, Beasts of Burden, that he's doing with Jill Thompson for Dark Horse.



Evan said...

Seth -- I only dislike BAD comic book shops. And no, that doesn't necessarily mean stores that don't order my stuff. It means plain lousy shops. I like a lot of comic shops.

naginata said...

Really nice lighting on that photo. I love how the reds pop. I'm sorry that Evan is not smiling. He really does have one of those "light up your face" kind of smiles.
Nice job Seth!

Slurpee_E said...

Evan rules. Rules hard.