Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Hustle

My "Snake Man" photo (an outtake from The Brooklynites) is currently being featured in an exhibition called, The Hustle at the powerHouse Arena. The opening reception is tonight!

The powerHouse Arena and Juxtapoz are pleased invite you to the launch of

The Hustle

Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 28, from 6–9pm
The powerHouse Arena
37 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
For more information, please call 1-866-99-ARENA

Music by DJ Emz
Mural by HOST18
Drinks Courtesy of Union Beer


Exhibition runs May 22–July 13, 2008
Gallery Hours:Weekdays: 10am–7pm, Weekends: 11am–7pm
A tribute to capitalism in action, The Hustle, is about the art of selling—anything. Selling sex, selling drugs, selling clothes, selling souls, selling dreams, selling schemes, selling anything ‘cause this is America, baby. Held in conjunction with the publication of powerHouse Magazine Issue 3, The powerHouse Arena will be transformed into a Hustler Wall of Fame, with a broad selection of artists contributing their vision of this iconic figure in America culture.

Contributing artists include:
Keiji Ando and Luke Behrends on Dick Cheney, the greatest hustler of our time
Vanessa Bahmani on Rokafella, b-girl extraordinaire
Carlos Batts on April Flores, the biggest beauty of them all
Juliana Beasley on Lapdancers, the ultimate tease
Peter Beste on Scarface, representing Texas Hip Hop since the 80s
Boogie on Chris Nieratko, the greatest American writer of the past twenty minutes
Nicola Cairns on Ewan McNaught, Edinburgh’s finest
Joe Conzo on Grandmaster Caz, hip-hop pioneer and lyricist extraordinaire
Rose Cromwell on Roberto, working the tourist circuit in Panama’s Caribbean islands
DJ Disco Wiz on DJ Disco Wiz, the first Latino hip-hop DJ
Tristan Eaton on J.C. Leyendecker, the greatest American illustrator of the 20th century
Amy Eckert on Ross Shelton, selling the American Dream one mobile home at a time
Ron English on Ronald McDonald
Derek Erdman on the Nigerian 491 Scam, damn those emails
Brian Finke on Bodybuilders, flexing for big bucks
GODLIS on Dee Dee Ramone, punk rock reigns supreme
Arlene Gottfried on Miguel PiƱero, “the junkie Christ,” poet, playwright, and dramatist
Bobby Grossman on Glenn O’Brien, the Style Guy
Tomoaki Hata on Diana, Japanese nightclub personality and drag queen
Jamil GS on Kool Ace, former Nation of Islam member turned Atlanta pimp
Brian Kenny on Go-Go Boys
Ohyun Kwon on Ohyun Kwon, no reason to hustle.
Hilary Knox on the World’s Largest Gun Shoot
Seth Kushner on the Snake Man of Brooklyn
Greg LeFevre on Tupac, the greatest selling rapper of all time
Graham Letorney on Dumar Brown, writer and revolutionary
Slava Mogutin on Go-Go Boys, shaking what they mama gave them
Theresa Ortolani on Stuntmen, burning up the sets
Mark Peterson on the Charity Ball Circuit
Dustin Pittman on Andy Warhol, the world has never been the same
Ricky Powell on King Ad-Rock, the Beastie Boy in his 80s prime
QUIK on Playboy Centerfolds
Joseph Rodriguez on Spanish Harlem Drug Dealers
Sylvia Plachy on Guy Gonzales, original hustler on the Deuce
Stephen Schuster, on Vanessa Del Rio, the first lady of pornography
Udo Spreitzenbarth on Tracy Quan, Manhattan call girl turned novelist extraordinaire
Craig Wetherby on Ricky Powell, the WeeGee of hip hop
Geordie Wood on Clayton III, Central New York drug dealer

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